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gem is the project team of “health and sex” in Tokyo,Japan.

Why people need thinking about sexual matter which like “heavy”,”dark”,”dangerous”?

We know that’s wrong given the human health!

So,gem is the three person who is the master of oriental medicine,who is the AV director,and who is the jarnalist,lead the world to enjoy sex with more “kindness”, “healthful”,”happiness”.

Each members are the  professional,who has been mobilized in order to convey the fundamental well-being of people.

Deep expertise and, projecting empirical knowledge drifts of heart worming feelings all for good life with healthful body .

It poured each of skills to the real “health and sex” methods.

gem present the sexual knowledge guidance of nobody knows yet,

and tell you how to do for happiest sex which useful to the ever life.

Love, Heterosexual communication, if the mind and improve the troubles of the body, entrusted to gem.

Your worries consultation from the event, seminars, to consulting.

To provide the energetic peace of mind.

So,let`s join gem for your smile!





He is the Acupuncturist, the Qigong master, the Sex therapist and the Taoist of sexual practices.

Classical Chinese Acupuncture Academic Board representative secretary. China classic of Medical Association presided. Japan Mature sex education study group member.

He works 35 years long with his great believing that “Sex is the source of life”,and the philosophy, applied ED, infertility, sexless, frigidity syndrome and the like, the treatment in the [New Taoist sexual practices] which is based on oriental medicine for a variety of sexual trouble.

Especially,a lot of  woman patient surging from Japan or abroad in the personality, Master GENSAI gave them real orgasm which treat women`s heart and body.

It seems like miracle but that`s from his own experience and rich  knowledge.

He is the best master of sexual matter.

But his history is a little bit mysterious….

From 10 years old to 47 years old, he experienced make love to nearly 6000 women,and then,he all retired sex and ejaculation!

After that, it has led women 10000 or more people to the ultimate orgasm in their own health sexual love surgery only with his hands.

So,Master GENSAI is the go-getter about oriental medicine and real happy-maker for crying peaple.

Master GENSAI is always saying “Let’s do our best in the sexual matter more smiley and cheerfully!”

A large number also request of the mass media.

玄斎本“Organic Sex wake up in oriental medicine” to the recent book (Treasure Island Shinsho). 

His great-grandfather is a ukiyo-e artist Nakai Yoshitaki,who`s works has collected in the British Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston,  in the world of museums.

MASTER GENSAI loves peace,loves sexual people, he can raise the quality of your life. Born in Hokkaido 1947.




Film director, AV director, producer. Over the 25 years in the AV industry, talented which has worked on about 3,000 of AV.

He drected the documentary film “A way of life that the other side ~ AV actor of Sex” ,that was approaching the true feelings of the 19 AV actors, smash hit long run overriding the public’s point of view for the AV industry. Create the current AV actor boom. sex_main_03

In addition to documentary works and also CM, in addition to work on a large number of such talent PV, also active in the event producer.

Dynamic visual acuity and physical strength, the strength of the adhesive force is superman of range. Dopamine excess constitution,

Also referred to as an eternal virgin, mastered the non-ejaculation climax, end aims the hermit.

Male fan large number of bright and innocent personality.

BROTHER ENOKI loves peace,loves sexual pleasure,love mystery of woman,his pure mind  can cheer you up bright.

1964 born. Born in Fukuoka.





Novelist,jarnalist,writer. After the divorce, she won the first novel Kadokawa Entertainment Next Award.

Thereafter, novels, non-fiction, such as children’s books, continue the variety of writing activities.

Japan Children’s Literature Association member.

“Hawaissa” “I want to become a full-time housewife,” “Little Rings” other book number.

She`d  pursue so stubbornly about relation of sex and motherhood, and, expert of orgasm analysis.

She has wish to men, she always says “Why men do such a poor sex! If men want to be happy, study more about women`s pleasure! ” because of her strong belief is “Sex is Love“.


She love deeply in her two children,and her own mysterious experience about  Oxytocin is coming true recently.

 Recent book is “occupational sex cyborg called AV actor truth” (KADOKAWA).


VIOLET MAMA loves peace,loves smile,she can warm your lonely heart.

Born in Yokohama 1966.


Events and Works gem portfolio


Third Work

We, pleasure (= body) and ties (= mind) has been teaching the bliss of sex method [New Taoist sexual practices] to deepen. Now of information overload society, in the adult content to flooding, women feel in a very easy to insert, has been or vagina alive. For that purpose, but you tend to think a lot of men as “As such,” there is a fatal deviation of the real woman. Lust, conquest, of exceptional and dark sex view, such as obscenity, heart of sex each other returnable joy. Excitement of the ultimate orgasm two people melt together into one. Get to the genuine utopia, the invite you to the great mystery of the sex world is only oriental medicine. Promote blood circulation, the activity of the brain, immunity up, and, [New Taoist sexual practices]  for men and women that you want to share a deeper pleasure. In addition to teaching in the video and text, we are also consulting face-to-face format. Sex is the human body mechanism for people to be happy. Please feel at the five senses the joy of the act of genuine love. gem will tell.

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Second Work

gem has hosted the entertainment events in the “health and sex,” the theme [LOVE & SENSUOUS HEALTHY]. Beautiful and mysterious [MAGIC THROUGH FLESH] was using the “pleasure acupuncture (Keraku-bari)”, the world’s first acupuncture performance.This event can be called the essence of oriental medicine, MASTER GENSAI will show you the fascinating. Energy recovery also performs guidance of erogenous doubled, your consciousness about your body is growing that without a doubt. Here only secret video publishing of and practical information of the “health and sex” ,and funny talk shows and social gatherings. Oriental medicine takes effect slowly to your sex outlook. The fourth round of this event held at the “Bar & Fight underground arena” in Shinjuku Kabukicho on June 28, 2016. From every visitors learned the sexual knowledge, we received a large number reverberation. Next time, Let`s  join gem.You will enjoy good time at  [LOVE & SENSUOUS HEALTHY] .

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First Work

Do you know the fact that 80 percent of women have never felt the orgasm in sex? The acting feels during sex, self-loathing sex without pleasure becomes the stress, a sense of inferiority … the result is? Over the 35 years, the work of MASTER GENSAI that have led to the woman suffering the mind and body to orgasm is a fantastic than fiction. Orgasm was with the heart, and the happy people from the root. gem is cool no women ally. We support the men who strive to sincerely affable women. Good age of only poor desire will end soon. From Japan, the long-awaited world [New Taoist sexual practices], a happy next-generation communication and life to all healthy men and women.

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